Client Interview: New York Life

Posted on December 7, 2017

New York Life

With Michael Lucek from New York Life

New York Life has grown in a short few years to one of the largest clients for Foundry Commercial. We have worked in lock step with the team at New York Life to help them across the service spectrum to invest wisely while also servicing tenants in a passionate and unique fashion. We are currently working with them in Charlotte, Nashville and Broward County. Just at Water Ridge Office Park in Charlotte, our property management team has taken a commoditized suburban office park and transformed it into an amenity-laden destination for office users. The team has unveiled a Water Ridge Lifestyle offering that includes everything from a summer block party for tenants to free yoga and crossfit, a rewards program that includes discount hotel rooms and catering services, pop-up jewelry vendors and farmers markets to NFL football kickoff parties and Halloween costume contests. The transformation is extensive and reflective of our commitment to the New York Life assets. We approach our relationship with New York Life on a personal level and treat their assets like we personally own them. One of our favorite asset managers, Dan McConnell, recently retired from New York Life and the Charlotte office threw him a surprise retirement party attended by 30 Foundry associates. Dan was overwhelmed and this is reflective of our personal connection and realationships.  

Foundry Commercial: New York Life was founded in 1845 (172 years ago), how does it feel to work for a company with such a rich legacy and what advice would you give Foundry Commercial celebrating its 10th year in business? 

Michael Lucek: Working for a company that has 172 years of history is great. The company’s stability provides great confidence and security to its employees and investors. New York Life’s carefully calculated risk has made it possible to survive the economic highs and lows. Many of my colleagues have been with the company in excess of 20 years. 

FC: Foundry has boiled its mission statement down to two words, “Serve others.” In your experience with us, do we practice what 
we preach? 

ML: The service we have received from Foundry has been first class. We have gotten the necessary attention and responsiveness from all of its service platforms. 

FC: What is one of your best memories with Foundry Commercial? 

ML: Our fondest memory is brainstorming in the Foundry Charlotte Office “creative think tank room” with our Foundry team. The outside-of-the-box ideas that were generated in that session helped turn a negative into a positive. Out of that session came the idea for a branded electric car for tenants, which helped to stabilize the occupancy of a troubled asset.

FC: What does the outside world think of Foundry Commercial? 

ML: I don’t know what the outside world thinks of Foundry, but I know at NYL they are highly regarded. We have Foundry engaged in leasing, property management, and construction management. This relationship keeps expanding as we move into new markets and continue to acquire new properties. 

FC: When you hired Foundry Commercial you had certain expectations of our services. Have we met those, or exceeded them? And if so, how? 

ML: We have had Foundry’s full attention from day one. Their marketing and advertising efforts have exceeded our expectations. Their ability to provide creative ideas and deliver on those ideas has been a real asset. I am glad to have Foundry on our team.