A New Chapter

Posted on January 19, 2016

February 2007 was a long time ago and feels like a galaxy far, far away when we started CNL Commercial Real Estate.   When we started the firm we had 12 partners and more dreams than we had business.  We believed that we could build a business in commercial real estate that was different, that stood out and provided the type of service that we believed our clients craved in a world where everyone looked alike and said the same things.  Over the years we have been incredibly fortunate and grateful for the opportunity.  We watched the greatest financial reset of our history, we had a partner and friend pass away the business changed and shifted and yet we continued to thrive thanks to the support of our customers, the hard work of our associates and the support of our sponsor, CNL.
Today, we have 240 associates from the original 12.  We are serving clients across the Southeast and Texas as well as representing many of our clients across the entire country.   We have a full scale development and investment business and a fund business prepared to partner with our clients and capitalize a pipeline of over $500 million in opportunities.  We have a new capital partner in HQ Capital Real Estate that shares our long term vision and today we announce our new brand… Foundry Commercial:
(its brief, I promise)

We begin this new year as our tenth year in business, with a new partner and a new name but our focus is that the core thing that originally drove us is what we want our firm to be about, Service and Relationships.   That focus is more important than what we have grown to and our true differentiator is what motivates us, simply gratitude.  Gratitude for the entrepreneurial gift we have been given, gratitude for what we have overcome and the adversity that has made us better and never taking our clients and associates for granted.  Grateful for all of you that have trusted us with your business and your careers. 
We love the commercial real estate industry and we are continuing to build a company where the core element of our culture is, "nothing is more important that serving you”
There will be more stories to tell over the coming days and months.  Today, I am just really excited to get started and wish all of you a great 2016. 
Paul Ellis