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Development & Investment

Foundry Commercial uniquely integrates a regional service platform and a large investment platform within a single business to source and execute investment opportunities across its regional platform. At its heart, Foundry is a full service regional real estate services platform. Local, on the ground in the multiple markets, and every day collecting real time data and intelligence. We have also built a sizable investment platform that leverages the local relationships and expertise of our local brokerage network to source, underwrite and capitalize investment and development opportunities generated. The investment platform is comprised of 45 full-time individuals with deep development and investment experience. Working together we have completed more than $4.6 billion in acquisitions and development opportunities since 2014. Every investment we make is made in partnership with an investment partner as we seek to help our customers execute their investment strategies. Foundry Commercial is designed and built to work hand-in-hand with institutional capital investors seeking to execute their investment strategy in the Southeast and Texas.

Why We Are Different

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Boots on the Ground

We are an operating partner with boots-on-the-ground sourcing and execution capabilities for every investment we make.

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Home Field Advantage

Our investment platform leverages the local relationships and expertise of its associates to source and execute off-market and advantaged investment opportunities, both acquisitions and development.

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Consolidated Regional Deal Flow

Our network of local offices sources investment opportunities of multiple product types from multiple markets which are consolidated through our “Deal Hub.” Providing one-stop access to nearly every investment opportunity in the Southeast and Texas.

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Intelligence Network

Our service platform of local offices and especially our brokerage network provides real-time, on-the ground market data and intelligence, which helps us identify opportunities earlier and make smarter investment decisions.

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Seasoned Veterans

Twelve Deal Principals spread across our markets, each with years of experience in their respective markets comprise a network of local operators who are supported by centralized underwriting, accounting.

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Deal Hub

We have eight full time investment analysts institutionally trained to research and underwrite like an investment manager and not a local operator. Our investment packages are investment committee ready.

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Truth Serum

Our broker partners are voluntarily investing in every deal we do. The threat of answering to their fellow partners more so than any risk to their personal investment serves as a truth serum providing a strong incentive to get the market assumptions right and achievable.

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Track Record

We've completed more than $4.6 billion of new acquisitions and developments in multiple product types and in multiple markets across our platform since 2014 with some of the most sophisticated institutional investment managers in the world.

Development Overview

Case Studies